Friday, 15 November 2013

Motivation and sport

Motivation and sport go hand in hand I think. Why i say this well simple really. Motivation is the driving force behind any sport.. what is the point of sport if not to be the best at it.. this is motivation. Being the best at sport can be motivated because you wont to seem the coolest and most popular person ever.. and it is true most of the most famous people in the world that are admired are sports people. Footballers for example are the most adored people ever and some would argue that all they do is kick a ball around.. but really they are the best and represent determination and ambition and that is why we watch and are fans of football or any other sport really!" Do you see what I am trying to say? To be the best at sport you do need motivation and determination other wise everyone would half hearted do a bit of sport and be the best... sport is a bit like capitalism competition... however it is more true than capitalism as with capitalism not always do you have to be the fittest and best to survive but the one with the most money usually wins.. but with sport money does not really mean a thing if you are not motivated and determined to be the best.. yes money will buy you the best equipment and the best diets.. but if you are lazy all of this will not mean a thing really.

Why you shouldnt join online forums

What really is  the point of joining online forums... most forums are just full up of self righteous know it all mods.. you cannot even post a link on many forums nowadays without getting banned.. that just goes to show how petty forum mods truly are.. I have joined many sports forums in my time and other seo forums and they are all basically run by the same sort of people.. mods who want to in some way or other make money off their users.. or to get users to right lots of content so the forum is basically like a content farm which help boost the forum authority in the search engine meaning that if say for example they link to another site in the footer or something that site will then get boosted in the rankings.. so as you can see whether its because the forum is a content farm or has ads plastered all over it.. forums aren't for people they are for the forum mods to make money... they are basically using you.. You know I am right because like I said if you post any link ona  forum you will get banned.. reason for this is that mods believe that this link you posted will in some way effect their seo and thus destroy their rankings and traffic.... LOl quite silly really. Anyway I have been through loads of forums and the only half decent forum I know of for sport is the fanzak one.. all other are either trying to make money out of you or are just boring and dead.. unfortunately because loads of rubbish fourm s are taking up the places in the search engine people cannot find the fanzak forum meaning that there are not that many member's and probably it wont be long until fanzak joins the list of dead forums... Oh no!

Gonna start running in the mornings!

In my previous post I mentioned my plan to fight back against winter and train whilst everyone else just gets unhealthy.. now I am trying to look for ways to make my cardio fitness even better which will help my circulation and help me stay warm in winter as well.. With better cardio and a more efficient heart pumping blood throughout my body to keep me warm this will surely make training in the cold far better! The plan is that I will each day go running in the cold morning for 2 hours! This will probably take a lot of motivation at first.. as i tend to sleep quite a lot and really get quite tired in the mornings but i am quite confident that after a while my body will get used to it. Heart health is so important as it helps to prevent problems in later life like heart attacks! Right now I just need to find some good songs to put on my ipad that i can listen to keep me awake and motivate when I go running! Any one got any ideas? Cheers!

Sports in winter oh thats cold

It really is winter in England you can really feel the cold weather hitting your bones. Now that it is winter many people reside inside to scared of the cold to venture out and I do not blame them.. its blooming freezing out there. But being unhealthy and inactive whilst winter passes is not going to make us all good athletes... and isn't what sports about! Sports should be about pushing your self.. no matter wind or rain really. So my new motto to myself is dont be a wimp AND  I aim to power through the cold and play outdoor sports no matter how cold it is outside... this hopefully will also leap me ahead of everyone else who will be not training in the cold and will be just sat indoors getting unfit... whereas me on the other hand will be outside in the thick of it but toughing up too! This really will make me the best footballer in spring when winter finally passes.. i would have trained up my skills in the previous month whereas everyone else will have just been being lazy! Good plan right? I think so... Just need to motivate myself and stick to it!

Going out running remeber to pack insoles?

If you going hiking or gonna be doing a marathon the best and most important hing that you should remember to take with you is a pair of running insoles at the very least your insoles should give some sort of support trust me! I once forgot to take some insoles with me when i was going hiking and at the end of all the hiking I had such terribly aching feet and that wasn't all i was suffering from plantar fasciitis as well.. ouch! ouch indeed. Really its in your best interest to either wear your insoles all the time or if you haven't got a pair make sure you get some because without them it is kind of like a minefield out there! Honestly when i had plantar fasciitis i was not able to run, or do any hiking again for quite some time... So dont be foolish like me and make sure you go prepared.. ie take the darn things with you. Did you know that runners, hikers and sports folk have a much bigger risk of getting foot injuries than anyone else this is due to the fact that we as sportmen use our feet too much.. excessive pressure and force means we need more protection otherwise there really is a much great risk of strain and injury.

Came acorss this really good sports forum

Recently I joined this really good sports forum where you are able to chat to other sports fans.. the design of the site really inspired me it kinda looks really modern.. most forums I see arent this well designed... just bland or are using some standard template (yeah some forum mods cannot even be bothered to install another theme.) Anyway im a avid runner.. I run everywhere and i was sick and tired of other forums run by complete idiots.. so was on the hunt for some thing different a place where forum mods were not trying to use you as their money making slaves.. finally I found fanzak and it had everything I wanted in a forum.. so cool. but so few member's that is the only real problem I see with the fanzak forum.. lack of member's! For forums to be good you have to have a balance of respect from forum moderators, a friendly atmosphere and for there to be lots of opinions.. but not too many else conflict will arise and internet slanging matches will start. Anyway Im just writing this brief post just to get the message out about fanzak! I think fanzak is great.. the only thing is it needs more people to join else your just talking to your self on it which is never good! Anyway you will find me on fanzak all the time chatting away about sports... I want tell you my username on fanzak.. see if you can guess who I am on it! HEHE

On other forums I usually (always) seem to get banned because mods really dont like what i have got to say on their forum or disagree.. or just wreck there whole vibe of the forum but with fanzak it is different because it is all about freed speech you can say what you like (as long as your not blatantly advertising) and you wont get banned.... well i havnt so far!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Gain the height that you want or need for that job interview. JOB INTERVIEWS NEED YOU TO BE TALL! iT IS FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND BASE EVERYTHING ON HOW YOU LOOK AND NOTHING ELSE. sorry for the capitols i just wanted to get my point across.. okay so as i was saying people look up to taller people not just physically but also mentally too.. taller people hold more dominance in society and it is proven by this that taller people are far more successful. That why if you are going to a job and you want a good first impression make sure you are wearing height increasing insoles when you go. and remember that height increasing insoles are affordable to buy.. dont let yourself not get the job because your small that's easily fixed.